He just sits, and watches the people in the.boxes, everything he sees he absorbs and adopts it, he mimics and he mocks it, really hates the.box but he can't remember how to stop it....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paul Leli

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Its also funny cause they are trying so hard not to laugh.

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Stay wide awake.

Come with me to another side in a world so cold and so dark

Stay Wide Awake - Eminem


This collection is for a style-forward guy. It’s a little risky but it’s still masculine. If you’re comfortable in your skin and are willing to branch out, get up on them. Think classic pieces like Polo and Ralph Lauren Black Label , and stepping it up a notch.

Brickbreaker all day....

Tricia Helfer

Monday, May 18, 2009

Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse, the amazing mashup artist, producer, and half of Gnarls Barkley, is unable to release his newest album due to legal battles with his label, so he's embracing piracy to get his music heard.

After "legal battles," Danger Mouse's new album has been shelved by his label, EMI. But fearful that his work would never be heard, Danger Mouse came up with an idea to get his music out there while at the same time showing his anger at EMI. The album, entitled Dark Night of the Soul, will be sold as a "100+ page book" of photographs inspired by the music and taken by David Lynch, and will include a blank CD-R to be filled with torrented mp3s.

Fiasco. Santos. Shining Down.


Emma Tempest

Photographer Emma Tempest uses color and lighting amazingly, making her sexy models entirely flawless. Her dreamy / neon style photography is definitely her very own signature.

Friday, May 15, 2009

2 days after I get my blackberry storm...

Exclusive: First Look at the BlackBerry Storm 2!!

Fan Made Beat - Inspired By "Shining Down"

download or listen here.

The Illustrations of Andrew Archer

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A multitalented & self-taught singer / songwriter / composer who possesses a voice so very enchanting in its purity, Ayah has experienced a fairly nomadic life & found her growing world indelibly touched by a vast array of musical genres, cultures and social climates. These elements would inevitably play an influential role in her writing. listen here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kris Allen Heartless cover.

Kid is talented guitar, piano and vocals.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Society for Rational

Society for Rational is one of those brands that never fails to deliver a completely wearable yet always innovative collection. L.A. based designer, Corinne Grassini, has coined the casual/effortless chic using fine silks, for which she develops new and unique prints each season, and voluptuously, butter-soft, chunky knits. She also manages to tamper with fine leathers in each collection, whether it is in the detail of the garments or in her signature strapy gladiator sandals , there is always a touch of skins. I love the seamless incorporation of the ankle boots and the utility bags presented in this collection.

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Neil Bedford x N*E*R*D*

Showcasing an intimate look at one of the world’s hottest bands, Neil Bedford followed N*E*R*D as they travelled the length and breadth of the UK last summer, promoting their third studio album Seeing Sounds and the release of Billionaire Boys Club Spring/Summer 08 line.

Mos Def-Casa Bey

Mos Def - "Casa Bey" - The Ecstatic - 6.9.09

NEW HIGH collection by hard graft

Hard graft is an independent creative company with a simple honest approach to design. Based in Austria, in a medieval Schloss surrounded by vineyards and apricot orchards. They're not very big but they're good and they're passionate about what they create. hard graft products are handmade entirely in Austria & Europe and they endeavour to use only natural sustainable materials.

New Black Berry.

Monday, May 11, 2009