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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Neil Bedford x N*E*R*D*

Showcasing an intimate look at one of the world’s hottest bands, Neil Bedford followed N*E*R*D as they travelled the length and breadth of the UK last summer, promoting their third studio album Seeing Sounds and the release of Billionaire Boys Club Spring/Summer 08 line.

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Nick B said...

Yo, NERD came to Sokol in South O... Place was small and didnt even fill up. Kinda sad but the best thing about it was we all knew that everyone there really knew what style was all about. It was sick. dude is crazy... BIG MAC FILLET O FISH, QUARTER POUND N FRENCH FRY! ICEY COLD MILKSHAKE! SUNDAY AND????????? Apple pie.

Only Breakfast?